Friday, March 25, 2011

Kyle & Sarah {Engaged}

My brother is getting married! I'm so excited for him and my future sister-in-law Sarah. It's amazing when you can see the glow of love that a family member gets when they meet the partner they want to share their life with. I couldn't be happier for them and can't wait for the wedding!

If anyone is interested these photos were taken in December in Zion National Park. If you haven't had a chance to visit this amazing spot, I highly recommend it!


Tricia Jeanne said...

I have to say Nae, you outdid yourself. These are SO gorgeous! Are they framing any prints to have around the house at the wedding? Because they should!

Unknown said...

Hey Fish! Thanks! Yep, they are framing one for the wedding day as well as made a guest book for signing day of.

Unknown said...

I can't stress how much I love these photos. You are so incredibly talented and I am so happy to have this wonderful time in our lives documented so beautifully. Thank you so much, Nae.

grace @ wedding favors said...

Amazing, amazing backdrop! :) I must say these photos are really beautiful, the couple looks so good together ;)