Thursday, May 9, 2013

{10 years ago}

Who would have known where we would be today. Living in San Francisco was in the works but the details were still being ironed out. Owning my own photography business was a dream and hope but not a reality yet. Kids, ha! Anyone who knew us back then knew that was the furthest thing from our minds. We had no idea what life would bring us. All we knew is that we wanted to find out together. Today, among numerous other wonderful blessings, we're ecstatic to live in this city that we love, I'm able to photograph happy people for a living and above all we have darling Cooper in our lives. Yes, it's been a magical 10 years!

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to the best husband and partner in life a girl could ask for!

Photo by my dear friend Michelle Beller

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michelle said...

Congrats guys! I would just like to note the use of the tilt shift ahem....10 plus years ago. Thank you very much:) xoxo